Sports & Recreation

Go for a swim, paddle out onto the lake, learn yoga, camp, climb, run. You can do it all here.

The Gillett Wellness Center, our intramural sports programs and our nationally-recognized Outdoor Program Center 期货国内杠杆交易are here to keep you busy and active all year around. The OPC is a gateway to adventures in northern Minnesota and beyond. Want to go on a sea kayaking trip to Mexico? Think it’s time to learn how to mountain bike? You don’t even have to leave campus to find a thrill. You can also summit our 30-foot rock-climbing wall, one of the tallest indoor walls in northern Minnesota

Intramural sports at BSU are all about variety. Get your friends together and form a soccer team. Learn the nuances of dodgeball. Whether you’re looking for a competitive or recreational league, a new sport or a familiar one, you won’t be short on options.

To keep you active, the Gillett Wellness Center offers free indoor and outdoor fitness classes期货国内杠杆交易 for students. Learn to paddleboard or practice yoga and keep yourself both fit and centered. We offer new classes each month, so you always have fresh options.

sledding_9901Recharge with a hike or cross-country ski session through the Hobson Memorial Forest期货国内杠杆交易. Getting outside is the best way to defuse stress, and BSU is brimming with opportunities to do so.

Be part of the roar inside the Sanford Center and cheer on your . Our varsity sports teams are competitive regionally and nationally and are a source of pride for the Bemidji community. We compete year-round in 15 sports across NCAA Division I and II. At BSU, school spirit doesn’t have an off-season.

期货国内杠杆交易No matter what you want kind of activity you want to do, we’re here to help you make it happen.