We are here for you.

Welcome to the Student Center for Health and Counseling, a comprehensive and integrated health care facility that includes both health and counseling services. We provide students with access to primary health care, ongoing health maintenance, information about health care and disease prevention, individualized personal counseling, group therapy, and a host of outreach health education services.  We also provide services for faculty and staff in the areas of consultation and outreach programming. This integrated approach toward health care allows our staff to interact on a daily basis about individual needs of students and how we can best meet their needs.

Our Mission

期货国内杠杆交易We invest in BSU students’ success and well-being by providing high quality physical health, mental health and health and safety promotion services.

More About SCHC

期货国内杠杆交易The Student Center for Health and Counseling is staffed by trained professionals dedicated to continually improving the quality of care that we deliver. Learn more our staff, and our strategies for the future.